CECAM policy regarding war in Ukraine

CECAM firmly condemns the military invasion and the aggressions perpetrated by Russia against civilian and military targets in Ukraine. It wishes to express its full solidarity with the Ukrainian population, and in particular with scientists and scientific organizations based in Ukraine. As an organization devoted to free and open scientific exchange and collaboration, CECAM is particularly aware of the present and potentially long term damage caused by this conflict to scientific relationships with Russian colleagues. CECAM will strive to promote scientific cooperation and interaction transverse across all CECAM communities across the globe.

However, the statement of support to the military operation in Ukraine by several Russian scientific institutions betrays the foundations of the spirit of international scientific collaboration. In this context, and following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24th 2022, CECAM has therefore adopted the following actions:

  1. The Ukrainian Institute for Condensed Matter Physics from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has been invited to join the CECAM Council as an observer. This will enable to explore common activities between CECAM and the Ukrainian simulation and modelling community and will consolidate and strengthen relationships with our Ukranian colleagues now and in the future.
  2. Travel and accommodation costs for participation in CECAM activities of Ukraine based colleagues will be waived.
  3. Where possible, funding of activities in Ukraine will be deployed.
  4. Scientists affiliated to Russian organizations that have stated their support to the military aggression to Ukraine will be allowed to participate in CECAM activities on a personal basis only. Their affiliation will not be displayed (provided there is no legal restriction in the country where the activity will take place). Travel and accommodation costs for participation to our activities will not be covered by CECAM.

    These actions will remain in place at least for the duration of the conflict and be revised as appropriate. These actions will be enforced in flagship and local events, taking into account the compatibly with any additional local constraints