CECAM-FI invites applications for financial support for in-person workshops. Financial support will provided to workshops linked to the research activities related to the Finnish computational materials ecosystem. Organizers are encouraged to seek complementary financial support besides CECAM-FI. The typical financial support provided by CECAM-FI will be 3000€-5000€ for workshops of 20-40 participants.

The following aspects will be highly valued but not mandatory:
– Organizers from different organizations
– Complementary expertise of the organizers
– Synergy between the research activities
– International invited speakers and ideally one international organizer

Application requirements:
– At least one group from a CECAM-FI consortium partner

Information required in the application:
– Organizers (1/3 page)
– Scientific motivation and relevance (1/2 page)
– Format and preliminary schedule (1/2 page)
– Potential invited speakers (1/3 page)
– Budget (1/3 page)

The applications should be sent as a single pdf file to cecam@list.aalto.fi

Decisions for applications will be taken within 7 days after each deadline. The workshops can be scheduled as soon as 1 month after the application deadline.

Next application deadline:

Past application deadlines:
– January 26th 2024
– September 15th 2023
– April 5th 2023
– April 27th 2022
– October 26th 2022

Funded events:
– Towards Rationality in Nanoscale Materials XI (2025)
– Ion-electron effects in large scale atomistic modelling (2025)
– Atomic structure of nanosystems from first-principles simulations and microscopy experiments (2024)
– Synergizing our atmospheric science syndicate (2024)
– Reaction mechanisms behind intriguing unexplained novel observations in atmospheric chemistry (2024)
– Recent Advances in Computer-aided X-ray Spectroscopy (2024)
– LOBSTER School on Chemical Bonding Analysis (2024)
– Challenges in the Physics of Active and Biological Matter – Interplay Between Computer Simulations, Theory, and Experiments (2023)
– Atmospheric gas-phase and cluster chemistry (2023)