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Aalto University represents a consortium of Finland Universities in CECAM. Currently these include Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. The university consortium organizes joint activities in computational physics, chemistry and biology, including doctoral-level training courses, summer and winter schools and related activities. Together they support a nationwide grid computing infrastructure.

Events 2024

Atomic structure of nanosystems from first-principles simulations and
microscopy experiments (AS-SIMEX 2024)

Organizers: Harriet Åhlgren, Hannu-Pekka Komsa, Arkady Krasheninnikov

“CopenHelTam” workshop, Inkala, Hämeenlinna, 29-30.4.2024
Organizers: Theo Kurtén, Matti Rissanen

CECAM Board of Directors, Aalto University, 11-12.4.2024
Organizers: Jose Lado, Sara Bonella, Andrea Cavalli

“LOBSTER School on Chemical Bonding Analysis”, March 2024
Organizers: Miguel Caro

Events 2023

“Challenges in the Physics of Active and Biological Matter – Interplay Between Computer Simulations, Theory, and Experiments”, 16th–18th August 2023
Organizers: Tapio Ala-Nissilä, Marco Mazza, Maria Sammalkorpi, Jaakko Timonen, Ilpo Vattulainen

Photo by Johannes Haataja

“Atmospheric gas-phase and cluster chemistry”, June 12-13 2023
Organizers: Nanna Myllys, Siddharth Iyer

Events 2022

“GAP Developers & Users Meeting”, 2nd-5th August 2022
Organizers: Miguel Caro, Albert Bartók, Gábor Csányi, Antti Karttunen, Andrea Sand

SMMART Meeting, 29th-30th September 2022
Organizers: Sara Bonella, Jose Lado, Ignacio Pagonabarraga

Online events (CECAM HQ)

“CECAM Mixed-Gen on-line series”, January 28, 2021
Organizers: Sara Bonella, Ignacio Pagonabarraga

CECAM-FI joint group retreats 2022

Combining experiment & theory: How does one create a digital twin?
Organizers: Matti Rissanen, Theo Kurtén, Siegfried Schobesberger
Location: Hvitträsk
September 2022

Joint group retreat between Computational Electronic Structure Theory Group (Aalto University) and Digital Materials Laboratory Group (University of Turku)
Organizers: Patrick Rinke, Milica Todorovic

Joint meeting on machine learning approaches to deformation and plasticity of soft and hard solids (Aalto University and Tampere University)
Organizers: Mikko Alava, Lasse Laurson

CECAM-FI joint group retreats 2021

Joint group retreat between Computational Aerosol Physics Group, (University of Helsinki), Atmospheric Computational Chemistry Group, Department of Chemistry (University of Helsinki), Computational Electronic Structure Theory Group (Aalto University), Exploratory Data Analysis Group (University of Helsinki)
Organizers: Hanna Vehkamäki, Theo Kurtén, Patrick Rinke, Kai Puolamäki

Joint group retreat between Atmospheric Computational Chemistry (University of Helsinki), Molecular Electronics and Plasmonics (University of Jyväskylä), Computational Biomolecular Chemistry (University of Jyväskylä), August 2021
Organizers: Luis Duarte, Jussi Toppari, Gerrit Groenhof, Johannes Feist
August 2nd-3rd 2021

Joint group retreat between Computational Atmospheric Chemistry group (University of Helsinki), Radical Aerosol Physical Chemistry group (Tampere University), September 2021
Organizers: Theo Kurtén, Matti Rissanen

Top row: Rashid Valiev, Prasenjit Seal, Vili Salo, Matti Rissanen, Siddharth Iyer, Olga Garmash, Galib Hasan. Bottom row: Chris Daub, Theo Kurtén, Shawon Barua, Thomas Golin Almeida

Joint group retreat between Ecosystem Processes Group (University of Helsinki), Computational Aerosol Physics Group (University of Helsinki), X-ray Laboratory Group (University of Helsinki) September 2021
Organizers: Anna Lintunen, Stephen Ingram
September 13th-14th 2021

Past events

“GW goes large-scale”
Organizers: Dorothea Golze, Marc Dvorak, Patrick Rinke

“Complexity in the Physics of Fracture”
Organizers: Luiza Angheluta-Bauer, Mikko Alava, Lasse Laurson, Knut Jørgen Måløy

“GPAW 2021: Users and Developers Meeting”
Organizers: Xi Chen, Jens Jørgen Mortensen Ask Hjorth Larsen, Mikael Kuisma, Tuomas Rossi, Patrick Rinke